How to Put a Nail Into a Wall

How to Put a Nail Into a Wall

I always had a tough time putting a nail into the wall to hang a picture or another item on the wall. I needed help serval times until I figured out a way to put a nail into a wall by myself. Once I figured it out, I even created a video for a project for school.

First, I get a nail and a hammer. I would place the nail where I wanted it.

I then put my left hand against the wall. Then, I separate my index finger and my middle finger.

Next, I would lay the nail in between those two fingers and start hammering the nail into. Once the nail begins to go into the wall, I am able to remove my left hand and finish hammering with my right.

This is an easy way to hammer a nail into a wall if you don’t have pincher grasp with one of your hands.

Also, I found another way to do this it putting the nail where I want it and hold the nail against the wall with my right hand and try to use my affected hand to hammer the nail in. I use my thumb and index finger to hold the nail. It takes a while for my affected hand to get the nail in the wall. After the nail is in the hold I move my right from the nail and put the hammer into my right hand from my affected hand and continue nailing it in.

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