How to Put Your Hair in a Pony Tail

How to Put Your Hair in a Pony Tail

When I was about 7 years old, I decided that I wanted to put my hair in a pony tail by myself. I didn’t want my mom or my sister to do it for me. So I spent a lot of time, months really, trying to do it with my one good hand and one that didn’t usually do what I wanted it to.

With a lot of practice, I finally figured it out.  I comb my hair to make sure I don’t have any knots into it, but it’s easier for me if I wait a while after I’ve taken a shower so my hair it a little bit wet.

After I comb my hair I try to gather all my hair up tightly with my right hand. Then I place it in my left hand — my hand that is weak. Sometimes when I put my hair up I lose some of my hair pieces or my hair isn’t tight when my left-hand hold on to it. Addition to that my hair is not always smooth when I grab it with my other hand.

With my hair in my left hand, I smooth down the hair on the top and side of my head with my right hand.

I use my left hand to hold the pony tail band while my right-hand pull the hair through.

I suggest you do this in front of a mirror when you practice because it makes it easier to see what you are doing.
















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