Only One Strong Hand? Doesn’t Matter. How To Fix Brakes on a Car

Only One Strong Hand? Doesn’t Matter. How To Fix Brakes on a Car

Yesterday I worked with my uncle to replace the brakes on my mom’s car. He explained how to do it as we went along.Get the kind of the breaks that you will need for your car and make sure you get the year right. My uncle was teaching me how to change the breaks on my mom’s car. I spent about two hours on my mom’s car with my uncle explaining to me out to change the two front breaks step by step.

We first went to a cars part store to buy the brakes. The gentleman behind the counter gave us the ones we needed for our make and model.

Then we went to my uncle’s house and he showed me how to use a jack to lift the tire off the ground so we could remove it.

With a special tool, I was able to take the nuts off the wheel so that I could then take the wheel off. Having that tool made it very easy to do with just one hand.

It took both hands for me to pull off the wheel.

Then my uncle showed me how to take off the part that covers the brakes called the Caliper. It was held on by just two bolts. They were very difficult to budge, so he showed me how to hit the wrench to get the bolt to move. From there it was easy to remove.

Once that part was removed, I was able to see the brake pads. He showed me how to prep the parts to make sure that the new brake pads fit, using C clamps. I was then able to install the new pads and grease them. Then I put the other parts back together.

While someone who has done this before could probably change their brakes in about 30 minutes, it took me about 90 minutes to change the brakes on both the front wheels.

Sometimes all it takes is the right tools and someone to take the time to show me how to do something new. But it is important to remember that with a little bit of patience and perseverance, it is possible for folks with a disability to be successful in anything they want to do.


1.) Brakes

2.) Gloves

3.) Car Grease

4.) Hydraulic Jack

5.) Impact Wrench

6.) C Clamps

Changing Car Brakes With One HandAfter you do that you can start taking off the wheel nuts.


Then you can sit on the wheel after you take it off.

Take Wheel Take Car

Next, you can take the breaks off and put on new ones from a store that sell’s them like I said that the beginning.  When putting on the new brakes you should put car grease on them so it does not a make sound.








The final step is putting the wheel back on.


If you want to see a professional changing brake pads, you can watch the video below. This is what my uncle showed me how to do yesterday.


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